PFG Forex Metals Legal Account

PFG Forex Metals Legal Account

The Trustee filed a Motion seeking Summary Judgment on Count IV of our Adversary Complaint. Count IV basically states that we should be considered customers under bankruptcy code as our contracts fall within the catch-all definition of “commodity contracts” as similar to other contracts traded by other customers. The CFTC has also filed a Memorandum in Support of the Trustee’s Motion for Summary Judgment. They are opposing our claim that we fall under the “similar to” contracts clause in the definition of “commodity contracts”. Our attorneys spent weeks composing their lengthy rebuttal and also stated that there is too much information available to determine this matter outside of trial. This statement is similar to what Judge Doyle had written in her previous Memorandum Opinion in which she upheld 3 of our 4 counts. The Motion for Summary Judgment is scheduled to be heard by Judge Doyle during the Status Hearing on Wednesday, April 23.

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Although we have formed an LLC to hold the PFG Forex Metals Legal Account, we are not a 501(c)(4) non-for-profit. Due to how quickly the court case is moving, we did not think it would be feasible to pursue the costly and time consuming incorporation as a 501(c)(4)not-for-profit. There is a good chance that the […]

Our attorneys filed the PFG Forex Metals Group Adversary Complaint with the U.S. Bankruptcy Court, 10/15/2012. Our attorneys presented our Motion (filed 10/5/2012) in front of Judge Doyle 10/11/12. Due of the scope of our case, the Judge requested our Motion be withdrawn and re-filed as an Adversarial Complaint. Excerpts from our attorney’s Adversary Complaint: […]